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Alma DUO

Don’t just treat the issue for “the moment”, fix the problem! Now available in Columbus, Ohio, the Alma Duo advanced treatment redefines the landscape of erectile dysfunction therapy for men and revitalizes sensation for women.

Say goodbye to ED, say hello to better erections, increased blood flow, plus better orgasms for both men and women. Improving vascular function in only 6 treatment sessions, the Alma Duo treatment is a painless and quick, yet effective treatment that provides low intensity pulses that feel like a “like tapping sensation”.

With Alma Duo, your treatment sessions can be the highlight of your “date night”. Rediscover the passion and intimacy in your relationship through the healing power of our innovative therapy. Step into a brighter, better future with Alma Duo today!

alma duo erectile dysfunction treatment in columbus ohio

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What is alma duo?

Alma Duo offers a non-invasive, enduring solution for men grappling with erectile dysfunction and women experiencing decreased sensitivity. Offering a long-term solution, the treatment uses low intensity pulses, comparable to a gentle tapping, to enhance vascular function. Over the course of just six treatments, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your intimate health.


Quick procedure that requires minimal downtime without the need topical anesthetics and no recovery time.

An all natural approach to ED, eliminating the need for prescription drugs, needles, or invasive surgical procedures.

Produces long-term results with clinical validation attesting to effectiveness at least one year after the completion of treatment.


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